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Mar 13, 16   0 Comment Photo Gallery, Projects

Thanks to the fantastic @MikkelsenArg I have added 8 High Quality images from the BoConcept new commercial. Commercials/Advertisements > BoConcept > Promo

Feb 19, 16   0 Comment Projects, Video

Award-winning Danish actor, Mads Mikkelsen, stars in this action-packed short film collaboration with BoConcept. In The Fight, Mads is paid a visit by two BoConcept Interior Designers, but what they find when they arrive on his doorstep is perhaps not quite what they were expecting…

Oct 28, 15   0 Comment Projects, Video

BoConcept v1.3 Restyle Cut from Gling Glang on Vimeo.

The new commercial for BoConcept featuring Mads has been shown exclusively on French TV and is also featured on the official French site. Thanks to my friend Orianne for letting me know and uploading the video! Commercials/Advertisements > BoConcept > Commercial