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Mads Mikkelsen about the Oscars

Date: February 28, 2014

M: I feel very good this time. I also felt that the last two times. You can say that the clichés have been standing in line when you say that, we already feel as though we have won just to be here. And it is a cliché but it is true, we are so happy to be here. It could be very nice if the third time is a charm.

I: What do you think about the chances for The Hunt? What do you think about this movie compared to the other movies you are competing against?
M: It is impossible to answer this question. There always comes something from the right and then suddenly there are lots of Italians who can vote or a Belgian who thinks something about a certain thing. You cannot divide these two tracks. Though, I think we have amazing chances of winning. A lot of people really like our movie but that does not mean that a lot of other people like another movie.

I: How important is this for you?
M: I do not think that it will change my life or anything. I will say that Thomas deserves this as well as his group of people. And for Denmark, of course – they win the prize. And it would actually also mean a lot to me, but I do not think that it will change my life.

I: What do you mean that it will not change your life? You have a very successful career and you get lots offers, but you do not think this will change your life?
M: Hm, I do not know actually. I just think that the fact that we are here the movie already get lots of attention and that kind of works with itself. If we go home with an Oscar, I think that it would mean a lot to Thomas.

I: And the process of coming to the Oscars, the red carpet and everything – how do you feel about that?
M: It is totally fine for me. That is what we do, a very small part of what we do. It seems as though it is a very big part of our career because it ends up in the media, but what we really do takes 99,9 % of the time. And then these kinds of things happen (The Oscars) and that is kind of like frosting on a cake. We actually think it is very funny – I really enjoy it but it should not be a daily thing.

I: So you think it is fun to be on the red carpet and all that?
M: Yes! It is so much fun. It is a party. It is a combination of what you have made. But if you do this every day you are going to go insane one day.

I: What do you think about the fact that we have three movies nominated for an Oscar? It is pretty unusual for Denmark.
M: It is so amazing. We must do something the right way. It is not only short movies and documentaries this year – we also have persons behind the movies who have been nominated the last ten years. We are doing something the right way and we should not be looking after what we do the right way, because then it will turn out to be messy.

I: The people you meet and work together with do they notice that Denmark, a small country as we are, are doing something the right way?
M: Yes, I think so. Especially on television. Many of our shows on television have travelled to England and America. Every time you come somewhere they talk about ‘The Killing’ (‘Forbrydelsen’) or ‘Broen’ as they call it (on English: “The Bridge”). There is lots of focus on our shows and they are very successful. But it also goes well for our movies.

I: Does it make you proud?
M: Yes, of course it does. We are Danes. We are a small country and we make a couple of shows a year, if we are lucky, and twenty movies a year. The fact that we can be in competitions where they play about the big prizes – it is utterly amazing. We should be very proud of ourselves.

I: How have you worked to get this far compared to this Oscar?
M: Thomas and I were here a couple of months ago to do interviews and show some parts from the movie, and this process is very important. We have made a very small part of this process while other movies do the opposite. I am not so safe with this part of the industry, though, because I do not know it so well. But of course I can talk about the movie and show some parts from it. But the process has been long but it is important because the movie cannot live without this kind process. Lots of things have to be done. We did a few things, though, Thomas made more than I did since I have been busy.

I: Yes, you are now shooting in Canada and you came here for this interview, so how is everything?
M: It goes well. It is so cold in Canada. It has been minus 35 degrees some days and we actually shoot a few scenes when the weather was like that, so sometimes you miss Denmark and its weather.

I: What is going to happen afterwards?
M: I am going back to Canada as soon as we are done here. I am going to stay there a couple of months.

I: Where are we going to see Mads Mikkelsen the next time?
M: Well, I have made a western movie with Kristian Levring and it is called ‘The Salvation’. I do not know the exact date this movie will premiere but it will be this summer.

I: Are you fully booked?
M: Yes, my book is full. Though, I have not filled all the pages. I have not really decided whether all the pages should be filled out. But I need breaks and time to see my family. I try my best to take long breaks when I have worked in a long time.

I: When I am home looking at your career I feel admiration. It looks as though you doing very well, but can you keep both legs on the ground?
M: It is pretty easy actually, because as I said before this is very small part of our work to be on the red carpet doing several interviews with a beautiful suit. It is hard work. I work 17-18 hours a day so that keeps both legs on the ground, I would say. I do not think so much about the future, but what we are doing now and then I just cross my fingers and hope that people will like it.

I: It has gone pretty fast for you. You are suddenly very big in other countries than Denmark. How do you feel about this if you compare it to ten years back?
M: I can sit down and think about this but it does not happen very often. I just work. I have made those things that people offered me. You cannot expect people to offer you anything in the world and that is very important to remember, but what I liked of the offers I got, I did those things. And all that have kind of created career. I have never tried to focus on that career, but instead just enjoyed what I’m doing. It could have been going the wrong way instead of the right way, but I am trying to stay happy for what I do and hopefully that will lead me to be a happier person in the future.

I: I have my last question for you. How big are the chances of winning the Oscar?
M: My heart says 100 %. Should we say 51 % right? Then we are on the good side.

I: Haha, good luck!
M: Thank you very much.