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#GoneMads Twitter Takeover

Date: February 27, 2014

Mads Mikkelsen took over the Hannibal Twitter account to answer fan questions!

#GoneMads how do you feel when people recognize you on the street as the actor who plays as Hannibal?
I feel good. That means that people are watching! It doesn’t happen that often since I’m usually wearing a hat. #GoneMads

HI MADS! what dish you want to be if you’re cooked by Hannibal? #GoneMads
I’m a big fan of Thai food, but I would want to be something cooked longer like a Lamb spinach. 9-10 hours. #GoneMads

what is the funniest thing that’s happened to you on set? #GoneMads
Someone kept snoring when filming the body mural in S2 and because so many bodies were there we didn’t know who. #GoneMads

Q for Mads, what do you find more of a daily inspiration, Aaron’s boundless talent or his magnificent bone structure? #GoneMads
It’s gotta be a combo of the two and never knowing when he’s going to land on my table. #GoneMads

Mads you are an incredible actor! Hannibal is brilliant! Who designs your amazing suits? 😀 #GoneMads
The amazing Chris Hargadon, our costume designer. #GoneMads

Q for Mads: What’s your favorite murder of Hannibal’s so far?
Dr. Sutcliffe in S1, the fact that I made his mouth the biggest in history. Season 2 even better. #GoneMads

Hi Mads, what’s been your favourite dish to eat that Hannibal’s made? They all look delicious (minus the human..)
A foie gras – Laurence and I deliberately f’d up the scene to eat it again. #GoneMads

Q for Any: Did you ever expect #Hannibal to have such an incredible turn-out? #GoneMads
We all hoped and now are super pleased that we have this group of people following us with such enthusiasm. #GoneMads

I’m told we’re trending around the world, but I don’t know what that means. #GoneMads

Do you guys have any in-jokes on set? #GoneMads
During the time they’re funny but we never remember them. #GoneMads

What has been your favorite *new* location/set for season 2? #GoneMads
The asylum. It was masterfully done. So beautiful. So much atmosphere. #GoneMads

Mads what’s your favorite thing about Fannibals? #GoneMads
That you exist. #GoneMads

question for Mads: how are your cooking skills in real life? #GoneMads
Improving. #GoneMads

#GoneMads which character from hannibal do you relate to the most?
Hannibal relates the most to Will. I relate mostly to Hannibal. #GoneMads

how do you want Hannibal’s future to pan out? #GoneMads
I want him to get inside that jail and then outside that jail again. That dramatic roller coaster we anticipate. #GoneMads

how many takes did it take to do the swim scene?
too many. #GoneMads

#GoneMads What do you most enjoy about Hannibal as a character?
I could answer that for a long time. The fact that i think he’s very engaged in every person he encounters. #GoneMads

What was it like working with Gillian Anderson? #GoneMads
Outstanding. Fantastic. She’s a stunning living legend. #GoneMads

After a day on the set, when you sleep, do you have nightmares about the creepy dark atmosphere of the show? #GoneMads
Not at all. This is Hannibal’s dream. Not his nightmare. #GoneMads

What has been the hardest thing to film so far? #GoneMads
We had 5 minutes outside in -35 degrees cold. It was supposed to be 5 hours, but turned into 5 minutes. #GoneMads

Do you watch any American TV at all? if so, what shows? #GoneMads
If I do get the time, The Walking Dead. Rooting for the zombies, of course. #GoneMads

What do you think of Bryan? Like the best writer ever? #GoneMads
Absolutely. And the sanest. #GoneMads

Will the end of this season leave us as devastated as the last? #GoneMads
No, let’s put it this way, if you’re rooting for Hanniball it’s not devastating at all. #GoneMads

So good chatting. I’m told I’m going to check out Tumblr now. #GoneMads