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15 Minutes With Hannibal

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Date: September 2013

Were you wary of following in the footsteps of actor Sir Anthony Hopkins?
Definitely. Anyone would have been! He played Hannibal to perfection. But the TV show is set before Hannibal is captured. It’s a different life – he looks as normal as you and me and he needs to make friends.

Did you watch the movies again, or ignore them completely?
I read the books and saw the films, but I was aware that we couldn’t do the same. We’re not detaching totally from the character. He’s still in love with fine arts and wine, and hates everything banal.

Is it as much fun playing a psycho cannibal as it looks?
It’s hard work! He’s an elaborate man, but I have a great time. When we’re dealing with dark scenes, we always try to to crack a joke.

Did you have to learn to cook those amazing recipes?
I’ve been preparing some elaborate things, but I have been cooking for a while. I do remember one recipe with a young woman’s lungs in it and it looked delicious.

Which scene in Hannibal was the most fun to film?
There are quite a few scenes that I found interesting, but later in the series I got my own shrink, played by Gillian Anderson. I found quite a few scenes really interesting and kinky! I’m still trying to understand exactly what Hannibal’s masterplan is. He’s quite genuine with her, or seems to be…

Did you form a bond with Hugh Dancy on set?
Oh, totally! Ten years ago, we filmed King Arthur together in Ireland, so we knew each other really well, but the bond is much stronger now. It helped bring warmth and “bromance” to the two characters. It’s been really enjoyable working with Hugh again as a friend and colleague.

Can you tell us anything about the second season?
I wish I could! I can be quite frank and say that I know absolutely nothing. I will be as surprised as you guys to see how we start out in Series Two.

As a Bond baddie yourself, what did you think of Javier Bardem’s villain in Skyfall?
It was great. I enjoyed the film immensely. I think Javier Bardem and I should hook up and try and see this Bond off once and for all!