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Welcome to the Press section of Mads Mikkelsen Source. I’m working hard to keep this section updated with new or old online and magazine articles. If you have an article that you don’t see here I would really appreciate that you send it to me.


Date Title Source
August 19 Mads Interview at Monster-Mania shoesandstarships
July 07 Mads Mikkelsen for Flaunt #135 Flaunt
June 03 Mads Mikkelsen about Age of Uprising, Hannibal and The Salvation Ain’t It Cool News
May 30 Q&A: Mads Mikkelsen Heads West Cineplex
May 29 Mads Mikkelsen Talks AGE OF UPRISING, HANNIBAL Season 3, and More Collider
May 27 Mads Mikkelsen on Michael Kohlhaas and Hannibal Movie Pilot
May 19 Mads Mikkelsen’s Wild West Interview Magazine
May 19 Mads Mikkelsen: “Mikael Persbrandt is like my big brother” Expressen
April 11 Mads Mikkelsen On ‘Hannibal’ Season 2, That Shocking Opening Sequence And The Bloody Finale Huffington Post
February 28 Mads Mikkelsen about the Oscars DRdk
February 28 Mads Mikkelsen, The Steely-Eyed Genius of ‘Hannibal’ Rolling Stone
February 28 Mads Mikkelsen on Season 2, Dancing on Set, and His Plans for the Oscars Vulture
February 27 #GoneMads Twitter Takeover @NBCHannibal
February 27 ‘Hannibal’ Cast and Showrunner Tease Surreal Season 2 Moments and Seeing the Devil Get His Due Yahoo
January A star with rough edges TV Serien-Highlights


Date Title Source
December 13 Marrakech Film Festival Interview Grazia
December 12 Mads Mikkelsen on Danish cinema, Lars von Trier and Hannibal Lecter The Guardian
December 11 Mads Mikkelsen On ‘Hannibal’ Season 2, ‘The Salvation’ and more IndieWire
December 07 Marrakech Fest: Mads Mikkelsen on Denmark’s Oscar Entry ‘The Hunt’ Hollywood Reporter
December 06 Mads Mikkelsen Faces the Darkness DPD
Winter 2013 Mads Mikkelsen – About clothes, sports stars, westerns and family Kaufmann
October 13 Mads Mikkelsen’s Confidences Madame Figaro
Fall L’Officiel Hommes Interview L’Officiel Hommes
September 11 GQ&A: Mads Mikkelsen GQ
September 4 Arnaud des Pallières talks Mads Mikkelsen Cinephilia
September 2 Für Sie – Mads Mikkelsen Interview askmen
September 2 askmen – Mads Mikkelsen Interview askmen
September 15 Minutes With Hannibal Heat UK
August 31 Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal, Hollywood remakes and the paparazzi The Independent
August 31 Mads Mikkelsen on ‘Hannibal’ season 2 DigitalSpy
August 28 Mads Mikkelsen Talks “Hannibal” ShortList
August 16 Mads Mikkelsen: Hannibal is really a “bromance” Radio Times
August 12 Mads Mikkelsen in French for Michael Kohlhaas Metro
July 23 Mads Mikkelsen on the hunt for good roles Miami Herald
July 18 Danish star Mads Mikkelsen talks about his toughest role yet Now Toronto
July 15 Mads talks The Hunt, Hannibal, The Salvation and more Collider
July 13 Mads Mikkelsen on ‘The Hunt’ and other tough movie roles Star Tribune
July 12 Mads Mikkelsen on The Hunt and Hannibal Crave Online
July 12 Slant Magazine – Mads Mikkelsen Interview Slant Magazine
July 12 Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal, The Hunt, and Fan Tumblrs Vulture
July 12 Indiewire Interview Indiewire
July 11 An interview with Mads Mikkelsen Examiner
July 09 Mads Mikkelsen Gives His Most Sensitive Portrayal to Date The Observer
July 7 Sexy Dane’s Wicked Roles NY Times
June 27 Emmy Spotlight – Showrunner: Bryan Fuller SSN
May 24 Mads Mikkelsen back after Cannes win with French role Global Post
May 1 Mads Mikkelsen brings Hannibal Lecter to the small screen Metro
April 8 Mads Mikkelsen takes stab at ‘Hannibal’ Rappler
April 6 Hanging Out With Hannibal Inquirer Lifestyle
April 4 Mads Mikkelsen On Playing the Tasty New Hannibal Lecter The Daily Beast
April 4 Mads Mikkelsen: Lecter is the devil… ‘but I kind of like him’ EW
March 21 Dine with Mads Mikkelsen, TV’s New ‘Hannibal’ ET
January 25 Meet the new Hannibal Lecter The Globe and Mail
January 23 What do you say, Mads Mikkelsen? The Grid


Date Title Source
September 10 Most Wanted – Mads Mikkelsen Scan Magazine
June 13 Interview: 10 Questions for Mads Mikkelsen
June 10 Interview: Mads Mikkelsen, actor The Scotsman
June 02 ‘It’s important that we talk about taboos’ RT
May Interview with Hanne Jacobsen Youtube
March 21 Mads Mikkelsen by Noomi Rapace The Lab Magazine
Date Unknow The Danish muse on 18th century rebels and sex symbols Studio Magazine


Date Title Source
December My Life – Portrait of Mads Mikkelsen Arte


Date Title Source
July Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky Dazed Digital
June 10 Mads Mikkelsen’s Rites of Passage IFC Fix
June 6 Sex Symbol With an Unearthly Twist NY Times
April 1 Meet the Man Who Kicked Sam Worthington’s Ass…In a Skirt GQ


Date Title Source
November 19 A Night on The Town with Mads Mikkelsen New York Times
November Mads Mikkelsen’s Interview With Gabrielle Reilly The Global Townhall
October 27 Mads Mikkelsen: The User’s Guide MTV
October 10 The Great Dane InStyle
September 18 Royale Splendor Filmstew


Date Title Source
Unknow Mads Mikkelsen and Susanne Bier Chat