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I have added 3 outtakes from the photoshoot for Euroman! You can also watch the BTS video below!

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Photo Sessions > Session 189

Jan 21, 2015   7 Comments Magazine Scans, Photo Gallery

Mads and Anders Thomas Jensen are featured on the cover of the new issue of Danish Magazine Euroman. Check out the scans in the gallery! Thanks to my friend Andrea for the scans!

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Magazine Scans > 2015 > [February] Euroman

I have added 2 fantastic High Quality Portraits of Mads taken in Paris last August. Check them out in the gallery!

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Photo Sessions > Session 188

Another lucky fan met Mads in Toronto yesterday and filmed a short video in French:

Mads is featured in the new issue of Total Film (March 2015). I have added the scan to the gallery.

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Magazine Scans > 2015 > [March] Total Film

Also, a lucky fan met Mads at a pub in Toronto last night! Check out the pic below:

Jan 17, 2015   Leave a Comment Article, Hannibal, News, Television – “Hannibal” season 3 will be a little late for dinner — as in summer.

NBC executives had previously suggested that Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal Lecter prequel series would likely return very late in the season, and at press tour today, NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said it would actually be on in the summer.

“It’s a show we love,” Greenblatt said. “We love it. We also love summer,” noting that it would be part of a lineup that could also include David Duchovny chasing Charles Manson in “Aquarius” and Zachary Levi in “Heroes: Reborn.”

“It’s been critically acclaimed by a few of you in the room, if not many,” he added. (Technically, this may be true; “Hannibal” finished 12th overall in the HitFix Television Critics Poll, but with only votes from eight critics.)

Hannibal’s first season debuted late in spring, and the show wasn’t even renewed for a second until well past that year’s NBC upfront. So would a summer debut affect the feasibility of ordering future seasons? And given the unique financial arrangement NBC has for the show with Gaumont International, is there a lower ratings threshold for survival than a show produced by NBC’s own studio?

“Summer doesn’t affect the future of the seasons,” Greenblatt said after his executive session. “Deal-wise, it’s a great business deal for us, even at a low rating, which is why it’s been for as long as it has been.”

(“Hannibal” remains one of NBC’s lower-rated series, which is no doubt why they’re holding it for summer in favor of shows they hope will do better in-season.)

Jan 15, 2015   Leave a Comment Mænd og høns, Movies, Video

3 new TV spots for Mænd Og Høns have been released by BUENA VISTA International. Check them out below:

A new Mænd Og Høns Poster has been released, featuring the whole cast of the movie! Thanks to @MikkelsenArg for the link! Also, the Character Poster for Elias is now in High Quality!

Gallery Link:
Movies > (2015) Mænd Og Høns > Posters

Hannibal Lecter won for Best Villain at the IGN 2014 Best Of!
– For the Danish fans, you can already book your tickets for Men and Chicken at the Lido!
– Check out this fantastic review of ‘Unit One’ With Mads Mikkelsen by The Playlist!

A new Mænd Og Høns picture was released by Soda Aps and the Mænd Og Høns released a previously MQ still in High Quality! You can find both stills in the gallery.

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Movies > (2015) Mænd Og Høns > Stills

Jan 13, 2015   Leave a Comment Photo Gallery, Photoshoots

I have 7 added High Quality Outtakes from Mads photoshoot for DN Magazine back in 2007.

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Photo Sessions > Session 053