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“See, with Mads the case is that everything about him is attractive. He’s an amazing guy, a hard worker, a giving soul, embracing the whole crew, and extremely devoted to the character. Every day, at all times. I also wanted to dress him down a bit, because he’s so incredibly handsome. It might be because I’m a little bit jealous.” – Thomas Vinterberg

“I’ve been a fan of Mads since the “Casino Royale” movie. I really sat up and paid attention to him. I was like, “Who is this motherf**ker?” Even his work in something as sort of popcorn as “Clash of the Titans,” he brings a kind of danger and reality and he grounds it in such a way that you think, yes, I’m good to work with this guy. I should come back, just stay behind him. (Laughs) Our working relationship has been fantastic.” – Laurence Fishburne

“He is incredibly charming and sexy. The audience will be rooting for him.” – Laurence Fishburne

“When you’re on screen with Mads, there’s some real fireworks because your character is his intellectual equal. In a way, maybe your character has an instinct as to who this man really is.” – Laurence Fishburne

“Well, I love Mads’ entrance. The first time we actually get to meet Dr. Lecter, I think is pretty special.” – Laurence Fishburne about his favorite scene.

“Mads has a terrifying subtlety and as the episodes go on, you start seeing the way a person can command other people by doing practically nothing and terrifying the sh*t out of you. He is the most astonishingly subtle performer with the most incredibly keen sense of what his face can do and how his words can form. He has a mission. Nothing is by chance. I truly believe as long as we have success in seasons that Mads will become the defining face of Hannibal Lecter.” – David Slade

“I can’t say enough good things about Mikkelsen. He’s great to work with and has so much natural ability that goes far beyond his considerable acting chops. He knows his character so well and has a terrific knowledge of food and drink. Plus he is very open attitude to and a great appreciation for all types of cuisines. It’s a pleasure to watch him work.” – Janice Poon

“Laurence Fishburne, who is playing Jack Campbell, can’t eat nuts, kiwis or eggplant. Mads Mikklesen, our Hannibal, will eat anything – with great relish.” – Janice Poon

“He actually learned really quickly and surprised me to the point where around the third or fourth episode he was complaining the knife wasn’t sharp enough. My student turns to me and tells me ‘You’re doing it wrong, give it to me.’” – Janice Poon who tought Mads how to use a knife

“On set, we were debating the best wine to serve with the Kudal and Mads suggested a frosty glass of Hannibal’s homebrewed People Beer. Perfect!” – Janice Poon

“We both are busy, but I often phone Mads if I have doubts about something and ask him for advice. And he’s bloody good at giving advice.” – Lars Mikkelsen

“People always want to line us up in a competition and of course, I mean when we grew up we were competitive – you are as young lads. But you won’t really see that at all, we help each other and we talk a lot about it and we’ve never, ever been casted as the same role-type. We’re not alike. I’m very proud of what he’s done and vice-versa; we’ve both done really well in what we do. If one of us hadn’t done well then there would have been a lot of agony and nagging!” – Lars Mikkelsen

“We have pretty much done everything together throughout life, and we have become closer and closer as the years have passed. There is only one and a half years between us , and we begin to resemble each other more and more.” – Lars Mikkelsen

“At the very beginning of the season, Mads comes up and he says, “I think Hannibal should be much more active and I’m really good at fight scenes, so if you write one, I will nail it.” And I was like, “Okay, great, we’ll write one.” And he did a fight sequence – all of the stunt choreographers were like, “Oh, my God, this guy is better than anyone that we’ve ever worked with like this.” His experience as a dancer really helps. He has such control of his instrument and his body, so he really is somebody that you want to see in an action sequence.” – Bryan Fuller

“Mads Mikkelsen’s approach to the character was not to play him as Anthony Hopkins did, but here he is, this fallen angel who is capable of horrific things, but yet has an awe for humanity and an appreciation of the [human] condition. And that felt like it was such a fascinating approach to the character. And when I see the episodes again, I look at him now not as Hannibal Lecter, but as this guy [who] has that really distant look in his eyes, that infinity of thought, that goes beyond a mortal man. It’s such a smart, interesting, fresh approach to this character that Mads has taken, not that we have altered course to accommodate it, but had it climb aboard and we were all set off to the same destination.” – Bryan Fuller

“He couldn’t be more different [from Lecter]. It’s funny because when I go to set, I’m always ogling his suits and lifting the jacket to see who makes it and he just has no interest. He doesn’t care. Outside of the character, Mads is in tracksuits and stocking caps. He has no pretense about finer quality clothes. He’s so not Hannibal in any way, shape or form. He’s easy to smile or crack a joke or tease. He’s like a really rambunctious brother as opposed to this very sober guy.” – Bryan Fuller

“Mads is such a talented actor – it’s almost like he wears his emotions on his sleeve, but not all the time – when he decides that he needs to, he has such access to his emotional life and it is just really incredible. He can do everything with just his eyes.” – Gillian Anderson

“I was so surprised when I saw the finished product. Everyone’s amazing, it’s slick, it’s really, kind of, sexy. Even though the visuals are kind of hardcore sometimes, but I think Mads Mikkelsen, who’s our Hannibal, makes Hannibal sexy somehow.” – Caroline Dhavernas

“Can I say “erotic”? He is, he’s a very erotic man, and a very sensual man, and I think he could talk me into eating anything.” – Scott Thompson

“Like all great actors, he appears more animal than human. Like Brando.” – Arnaud des Pallières

“Mads is a very interesting guy because he has this effusiveness and this charm to him, but he loves some kinky, depraved stuff. The horse episode was his favorite – he just thought it was a poem, it was beautiful, it speaks to him in that way. There is a certain segment of his personality that is reflective of Hannibal Lecter in that he’s non-judgmental of that stuff.” – Bryan Fuller

“The Salvation is a really great movie, and Mads is fucking good in the film. It was great for me to walk up the red carpet here in Cannes for a film that Mads is involved in. I was just so damn proud of my little brother. We also came just to greet each other after the film where I said congratulations and gave him a big hug.” – Lars Mikkelsen

“I asked Shia: who is the guy that terrifies you the most? And he said Mads. So it was somebody we both really wanted to work with. He’s intimidating, but has a really big heart and he’s sexy. He’s got this sexiness, even guys fall for him. He just penetrates everything—not literally. So we needed a brokenhearted thug that could really give us the heartache. And going between the violence and viciousness and the complete softness without making it too much. A lot of those characters can go into a charade, and I needed it to be genuine heartbrokenness and that’s what he’s great at doing.” – Fredrik Bond

“Mads is a special one. They don’t come in dozens, those kinds of actors. First of all, he has an incredible honesty in the way that he works — in approach and the way he expresses his physicality. [There’s] a hunger of doing well. You have wonderful actors in the history of cinema, but some of them lose their hunger. When they lose their hunger, they start repeating themselves. He’s so aware of not repeating himself, of bringing something new. Of all of the actors we had on set, he was the best horse rider, but he’s still the man who spent four hours every morning practicing. He set the bar very high, which is a big thing to the director.” – Kristian Levring

“Mads Mikkelsen’s acting is very subtle, precise, nuanced, so he brings something completely different to the character. If you compare Mads’ Hannibal to Anthony Hopkins’ for example. Not to mention that Mads Mikkelsen is very handsome and sexy, so he brings that to the character as well.” – Caroline Dhavernas

“He is intense. He’s wonderful and he’s very passionate about his work. I’ve never seen him complain about being there, about being cold and God knows they’ve put him through the ringer. He’s just a wonderful co-star and a wonderful person to be around, and the most talented actor right now I think in the generation. So just to be working with him is such a blessing. I was a fan of his before I worked on the show. I watched a lot of his Danish films and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out I would be working with him.” – Caroline Dhavernas

“I totally fangirled over Mads the first time I met him. I became obsessed with a movie called The Green Butchers and Svend Sweat. I had to binge watch the entire first season over the weekend before I had to start on Monday, had a psychotic episode where I hallucinated an eviscerated body in a reflection of a window in my lobby. I thought, “Maybe I should stop watching Hannibal right now.” And then I showed up and was like, “Don’t say anything, totally be cool.” The second I was alone with him I was like, “Ahhh Svend Sweat is my favorite—” and the back of my head was like, “Shut the fuck up!” I kept going.” – Katharine Isabelle

“I saw the main character played by Mads Mikkelsen, and he’s amazing. Hannibal had that going for it.” – Michael Pitt

“I met Mads when he is 20 and I’m 24 and I’m just so proud of him. He’s an incredibly generous person and he’s an amazing actor. I think he’s the world’s greatest actor, I’m not afraid to say that, and I think he’s the world’s greatest dad and he’s the world’s greatest boyfriend.” – Hanne Jacobsen

“I was at home, in the kitchen, looking at the screen with everyone else and was dying with anxiety. I didn’t think he’d get it so that’s why I didn’t come. I thought: Oh, there’s the travel and then there’s the kids and Viola has her exams right now, so I decided: No, I’ll stay home. But when I hear Mads’ name getting called out and I see how scared he is, all I’m thinking is: Nooo, this is not good, I should have been there, I should have been there.” – Hanne Jacobsen about Cannes 2012

“I met Mads at an audition at Aarhus Theatre. And we both – we’re both in a relationship so things were complicated – but we both fall deeply in love with each other and I just looked at him and thought: That right there; that’s the man in my life.” – Hanne Jacobsen

“No. I think it’s wonderful. I just straighten my back and think: Yes, that’s the one I got. And I really mean that, it’s not something I’m just saying. It makes me happy and proud. What if people were saying: Boo, why did you end up with that guy? That wouldn’t be fun.” – Hanne Jacobsen

“He’s brilliant. It’s such an immense job he’s doing with Hannibal. I wouldn’t really compare myself to that. But let’s see what people say Sherlock it comes out!” – Lars Mikkelsen