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May 13, 2014   Leave a Comment Movies, The Salvation

“The Salvation” (dir. Kristian Levring)
Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Eric Cantona, Douglas Henshall

Synopsis: A peaceful Danish settler in America guns down the men who killed his family, only to be betrayed by the local townspeople when the murderer’s brother comes looking for his own vengeance.

What You Need To Know: The spaghetti Western is now a familiar sub-genre, but “The Salvation” might be the first… let’s call it Frikadeller Western, giving a Danish spin on the most American of genres. Helmed by former Dogme signatory Kristian Levring (“The King Is Alive”), and co-written by Susanne Bier collaborator Anders Thomas Jensen, it’s takes a seemingly familiar tale of bloody pioneer revenge and gives it a European spin. And key to the film’s appeal is Cannes darling Mads Mikkelsen, who takes the lead role at something of a peak of his career: he won Best Actor at the festival two years ago thanks to “The Hunt” (on which Levring was a producer), and continues to do some of the best work of his career on excellent U.S. TV show “Hannibal.” The casting beyond him is somewhat eclectic—Eva Green! Jonathan Pryce! Uh, Eric Cantona!—but there’s enough here to make this sound like a potentially fun antidote to heavier affairs (assuming that this is more of a pure genre proposition, as its midnight slot, and trailer, seems to suggest).


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