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May 13, 2014   4 Comments Mænd og høns, Movies

M&M Productions and Buena Vista International are proud to announce that the Oscar-winning Anders Thomas Jensen just started shooting his long-awaited film, ”MEN & CHICKEN”, which he has both written and is directing.

The film will mainly be shot on location on Fyn in cooperation with FilmFyn, in Germany and a few locations in Copenhagen.

”MEN & CHICKEN” is Anders Thomas Jensen’s first feature film as a director in almost 10 years since the commercial success of ”ADAM’S APPLES” from 2005. Since then Anders Thomas Jensen has focused on his work as screenwriter on big Danish as well as international films among which are ”AFTER THE WEDDING”, ”BROTHERS”, the Oscar-winning ”IN A BETTER WORLD” and ”THE SALVATION”, the latter premiering this week.

”MEN & CHICKEN” is a black comedy like Anders Thomas Jensen’s three preceding works ”FLICKERING LIGHTS”, ”THE GREEN BUTCHERS” and ”ADAM’S APPLES”, and once again he has surrounded himself with a team of Denmark’s most talented and recognised actors.

The film revolves around two special-natured brothers, Elias (Mads Mikkelsen) and Gabriel (David Dencik). Upon their father’s passing, the two brothers, who are not very fond of each other, find out through the father’s will, that they are adopted. Despite their disagreements, Elias and Gabriel decide to seek out their natural father and set out to the island where their father lives. Meanwhile, a surprise awaits Elias and Gabriel there. Surrounded by the island’s many odd personalities Elias and Gabriel discover a most paralysing, yet liberating truth about themselves and their family.

Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Nicolas Bro, Søren Malling, Ole Thestrup, Kirsten Lehfeldt and Bodil Jørgensen round off the amazing cast.


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