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Mar 08, 2014   3 Comments Articles/Interviews

A big thanks to my friend Sophie for translating the interview for us!

Interviewer: “Mads, this is the third time you’re trying this and this time it didn’t succeed either.”
Mads: “No, but it did succeed for some other movies, though, and that was amazing to watch.”

Interviewer: “You don’t regret not winning?”
Mads: “Hmm, we did have the feeling of regret when it just happened but it went well at the beginning of the show when we won an Oscar in the category ‘short movies’ – the next two movies who were nominated didn’t win their Oscar and then you can’t avoid not feeling regret. But we’re, of course, gonna celebrate Anders Walter tonight (The director of the short movie: ‘Helium’).”

Interviewer: “How has your evening been?”
Mads: “It has been pretty good. We haven’t been so nervous just very excited – we’ve tried to enjoy it as much as possible. The evening started out amazing, of course, and it ended as amazing as it started.”

Interviewer: “What was the funniest part from that moment you stepped on the red carpet?”
Mads: “I actually think it was the hostess (Ellen DeGeneres). She was just amazing. She did it six years ago so they should definitely hire her for the job again – she was great.”

Interviewer: “Lots of respect to the Americans for throwing such a great show.”
Mads: “Yes, it’s a weird cocktail for a huge show like this and then the hostess is just very calm and relaxed – very impressive.”

Interviewer: “Did you get the chance to talk to some of the other actors?”
Mads: “No, I didn’t talk with so many actors actually. We were a few Danes so we’ve just clapped each other on the back and said: “Well, that sucked and congratulations to you.”

Interviewer: “Did you see some of your idols tonight?”
Mads: “Well, Robert De Niro was there but we weren’t close to them in seats.”

Interviewer: “Would you’ve liked to be close to them?”
Mads: “No, that’s okay. We’ll do that another day.”

Interviewer: “Okay. Are you ready to go to the Oscars again?”
Mads: “Absolutely. If we get invited and they think we made something interesting then I’m game.

Interviewer: “Thank you, Mads.”
Mads: “You’re very welcome.”

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