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Feb 18, 2014   3 Comments Hannibal, News

Hello, Fannibals!

Here’s the big announcement you’ve been waiting for; we need everybody to spread the word and participate!

This Sunday, February 23rd, we’re doing a 13 hour Binge-watching event. Producers and cast will be live tweeting throughout the day, encouraging fans to watch the show together and to share their experience socially. There will be prize give-aways (SIGNED SCRIPTS!) on Twitter and Tumblr, and answers posted for Hugh’s Q&A as well.

Please use these hashtags on Twitter and Tumblr:

And please include these twitter handles (they might not fit on one tweet):


Here’s the Schedule for us to watch Season 1 of Hannibal together. This is a great opportunity to bring in new viewers, too:
9am PT / 12pm ET – 101 Aperitif

10am PT / 1pm ET – 102 Amuse-Bouche
11am PT / 2pm ET – 103 Potage

12pm PT / 3pm ET – 104 Ceuf

1pm PT / 4pm ET – 105 Coquilles

2pm PT / 5pm ET – 106 Entrée

3pm PT / 6pm ET – 107 Sorbet

4pm PT / 7pm ET – 108 Fromage

5pm PT / 8pm ET – 109 Trou Normand

6pm PT / 9pm ET – 110 Buffet Froid

7pm PT / 10pm ET – 111 Rôti

8pm PT / 11pm ET – 112 Relevés
9pm PT / Midnight ET – 113 Savoureux

In the US, Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and DVD/BluRay from Lionsgate in the US. Please check with your local distributor for online viewing options in your country; there should be itunes or VOD (Video on Demand) options available for you.


(That’s Team Fannibal – Please come to one of us if you have any questions, ok?)

Attached are 4 suggested images for the event; please use them across all forms of social media :

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