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Here’s a little TCA Panel’s Best Of with the main tweets from the session.

“Seeing Will’s confusion when he is behind bars is rather heartbreaking in Season 2.” – Mads

“what is the best thing you’ve eaten on the show?” – TheFebeMoss
“Besides all the human remains that I ate, there was a foie gras we had that was delicious.” -Mads

“Fuller says Will’s first exposure to what Hannibal was cable of so traumatized him, the imagery keeps coming back subconsciously”

“Fuller: we block broke the first 7 eps, dove in, then broke 2nd half. We let story tell us what it needs to be.”

“Don’t worry, Fuller promises early payoff for how Hannibal was able to frame Will. In first few eps, we’ll see how/why he ingested an ear.”

“Season two will have much more kissing, says Fuller. Not always between the right people, says Mikkelsen.”

“The first killer featured in S2 is a metaphor for what Dr. Lecter is doing to all the characters in the show. No spoilers.”

“Fuller: ep.1 of S2 is almost ep 14 of S1. We have some long arcs this season. Things get really bad for lots of characters.”

“Mads says the Queen would likely not invite him over for dinner thanks to his role as #Hannibal Lecter, but his friends still may.”

“Have people stopped inviting Mads Mikkelsen to dinner? “He wouldn’t be invited anyway” jokes Hugh Dancy.”

“Mikkelsen: my friends still invite me to dinner – they’re hanging in there.”

“He cooks his ass off.” – Laurence Fishburne says about Mads

“Mikkelsen: the food on the show is fantastic. “It’s better, much better” than it looks.”

“Fuller: we knew how S2 would end. There’s a big scene btwn Fishburne & Mikkelsen – no spoilers.”

“One sequence between Mikkelsen and Fishburne in the season premiere took 20 hours to shoot. (You’ll know it when you can see it.)”

“Laurence Fishburne on his action scene with Mads Mikkelsen in the season opener of #Hannibal: “IT HURT!””

“”We should have had 2 weeks to do what we did. We had hours.” -Laurence Fishburne on a stand-out sequence from the #Hannibal premiere”

“”Actually, I had an eye infection one of the episodes & I blinked quite a lot,” Mads Mikkelsen says when a reporter notes he doesn’t blink.”

“Fuller; expect more about the relationships btwn the main characters on #Hannibal this season. (trust me — it’s great)”

“Fuller calls the violence on #Hannibal “operatic” and notes it’s a bit of a fantasy. S2, Ep2 has the epitome of that.”

“We ask Mads Mikkelsen if not blinking was a conscious choice, and he essentially says he didn’t always realize he was doing it. ”

“”That’s not the creepiest thing about him … just to be clear.” – Hugh Dancy after Mads was asked about #Hannibal not blinking”

“Mads: It’s important to catch people in the eye. (sometimes he doesn’t blink for long spells) Dancy: that’s not the creepiest thing abt him!”

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