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Jan 15, 2014   Leave a Comment Hannibal

2. Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)


Who he is: law-skirting cannibal.

Why we root for him: we know what’s going to happen to Hannibal, eventually. That’s a part of the show’s appeal: learning how Mads Mikkelsen becomes Anthony Hopkins. It’s up for the rest of the show’s universe to catch up. So a part of what makes Hannibal, both the show and the titular character, so delicious to watch is seeing the likes of Will Graham putting the pieces together; the other major part is how effortlessly charming Hannibal is, as a psychiatrist, as a host, as a cook. THOSE MEALS. I would let Hannibal cook my best friend if it meant I could indulge in one of his dishes. I mean, sure, there COULD be human mixed in there, too, but I take that risk every time I eat at Chili’s.


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