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The New York Times sit down with Thomas Vinterberg to talks about The Hunt, possible contender for this year’s Oscars. Belows is the part about Mads, you can read the entire interview here.

When you were writing the script, were you thinking specifically of Mads Mikkelsen, or was the part written generically?
Well, we were hoping for Mads Mikkelsen, but he’s such a star now that he needs to read a script before he says yes. But my process of working is that I have to write for someone. I need a face or an actor. So I then actually decided to write it for Robert De Niro. [Laughs.] The young version of Robert De Niro as he was in “The Deer Hunter.” Up until Mads came on board, this character was a blacksmith, a tough guy, a man of few words, a much more independent alpha-male type. Then Mads came on board, and I thought, well these virtues match Mads already, this beautiful man who has been playing knights. So I decided to call Mads and say, “Let’s try to reverse this, let’s try to create a very humble Scandinavian schoolteacher, who steps aside for other people on the sidewalk.”

So you were casting him against type?
I guess you can say that. But if you have seen the Danish films he’s done, he’s been in those areas before. But casting him against a type he’s been playing internationally for a long time, yes.

And he was eager to try that?
Mads is a smart man, very intelligent, quick and devoted. He wanted to use himself as an actor and not as a type. So he loved coming back to that register. The film would have been very different without it.

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