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Jan 03, 2014   Leave a Comment Awards, Jagten

Mads is once again nominated for a Bodil Award in the Best Actor Category while Lars Ranthe and Thomas Bo Larsen are both nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Anne-Louise Hassing for Best Supporting Actress and The Hunt is nominated in the Best Film Category! Winners will be announced during the annual ceremony on February 1, 2014. Mads was already nominated last year for his role in Royal Affair and won the award in 2005 for Pusher II.

Best Film
Jagten (The Hunt)
Sorg og glæde
Kvinden i Buret

Best Actor
Mads Mikkelsen (Jagten)
Jacob Cedergren (Sorg og glæde)
Nicolas Bro (Spies & Glistrup)
Gustav Dyekær Giese (Nordvest)
Stellan Skarsgård (Nymphomaniac)

Best Supporting Actor
Roland Møller (Nordvest)
Lars Ranthe (Jagten)
Thomas Bo Larsen (Jagten)

Jamie Bell (Nymphomaniac)
Fares Fares (Kvinden i buret)

Best Supporting Actress
Anne-Louise Hassing (Jagten)
Susse Wold (Jagten)

Kristin Scott Thomas (Only God Forgives)
Uma Thurman (Nymphomaniac)
Sonja Richter (Kvinden i buret)

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