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The best films
There are few films that so exquisitely combine the chilling tension of a thriller and the depth of a character study with cinematic beauty and a penetrating examination of society. Mads Mikkelsen is extraordinary in this tale of a man accused of sex offences in Denmark. – Simon
The 10 best (or at least favorite) films of 2013
10. “The Hunt”
Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, known to American audiences for big-budget dross like “Clash of the Titans,” returns to his native land for this riveting film about a man stuck in a nightmare from which he can’t wake. He is a divorced dad and beloved kindergarten worker in a small Danish town who is blindsided after one of his young charges accuses him of molestation. Mikkelsen is magnificent as a man tumbling deeper into despair as everyone turns against him. Director Thomas Vinterberg may be a founding member of Denmark’s controversial dogme95 philosophy of avant-gardist filmmaking (“bad boy” Lars von Trier is its best-known exponent), but “The Hunt” is an extremely accessible and rewarding film experience.
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The Hunt
Mads Mikkelsen deserved the critical acclaim for his nuanced performance as a kindergarten teacher accused of impropriety by a small child. Brilliant acting, a credible script and a particularly devastating betrayal at the hands of his community had our blood boiling and hearts hammering throughout.
The Film3 top 10 best films of 2013
4. The Hunt
At four, Danish film and now Oscar hopeful The Hunt. Anchored by the stunningly raw award-winning performance of Mads Mikkelsen, this frightening and emotional exploration of a small town’s persecution of an innocent man is as terrifying as it is moving. Must-see cinema.

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