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This is Thursday, and Vinterberg has been nominated for a Golden Globe. Last time it happened, it was for “Festen”, but the joy is deeper now.

Thomas Vinterberg received the news of the nomination of The Hunt for a Golden Globe from a loo in South Africa, where his former photographer Anthony Dod Mantle called and said: Congratulations.

He is both pleased and surprised that the movie is nominated for best foreign film.

“It amazes me once again how the tiny story we concocted in my children’s former kindergarten can go as far”, says Thomas Vinterberg.

Also in 1999, one of Thomas Vinterberg’s film “Festen”, was also nominated for a Golden Globe. In the following 13 years, he has seen that it has not gone so well. So this time the joy sticks deeper, he says.

A Golden Globe nomination usually means that the film will also be nominated for an Oscar. But the director will not comment on whether he is now hoping for an Oscar nomination.

“We figured that ‘Festen’ should be nominated for an Oscar, because it won everything else. It was not. A week ago I was told that it was because the screening for the academy members went wrong”, he says, and continues:

“They had not been able to see anything. So you never know what’s going on. Chances will determines it.

Translation by myself and thanks to my friend Sophie for the link!

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