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Message from the amazing @aughmonica :

Hello Fannibals!

Mads Mikkelsen’s birthday is on Friday, November 22nd. Yes, we love all the other actors and we’ll celebrate their birthdays, too. But @aughmonica felt it would be a fun thing to celebrate Mads’s birthday this week, so she came up with four ideas. Everybody is welcome to join us!

1) Tweet #HappyBirthdayMads from 8pmEST (New York City, or Eastern Time) Thursday, 11/21 to 9pmEST Friday. Do two bigger blasts from 8-9pm, both Thursday and Friday.

@AughMonica offered to help our trending efforts, so let’s follow her lead!

a) Here is a time zone calculator:

#HappyBirthdayMads Event Time Zones

You can also rally YOUR country or fan group to trend in your time zone. We’d like to try to trend worldwide for the full 24 hours, but this will be a fun exercise even if it doesn’t trend!

2) Sign Mads’s birthday card (kindly arranged by @MadsSource, who runs a beautiful Mads Mikkelsen fan site). It will close for signatures at 6amEST, Tuesday, November 19th (it has over 750 signatures already!), so get those signatures in before then! We are working on having it delivered to Mads personally this week. LINK:

3) Reblog this Mads Birthday tumblr post as many times as you can. We’ll forward the screencap with the final reblog count on Friday to Mads:

4) Change your twitter photo icon to Mads this week! C’mon, we know you have some good pictures sitting around!

If you’d like to help translate this post into your own language to rally the Fannibals in your country, or if you have time to help me find other International Fannibals, please tweet me at @ViolinCatherine or send me an ask at HannigramThings. I’ll add you to the working list and we’ll mobilize the troops!

That’s all for now; stay tuned!


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