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Thanks to Eli, I have added the scans of the new issue of Krone TV. She also translated the interview for us.

No One Is Born Evil

We know that from the Favabeans, the liver and the Chianti. But Anthony Hopkins is not the only Dr. Lecter anymore the audience is afraid of. Also the TV series “Hannibal”, which is shown since 3 weeks on PULS4 and SAT1, is not for the faint-hearted. And the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen is perfect for the role, even if he did not think it at first.

KRONE TV: Did this serial role terrify you?
Mads Mikkelsen: Yes, of course. I knew Hannibal from the films, did read the books later yet. I didn’t know first what I could contribute to the role, did think a long time about it, before I decided to jump into such a legendary universe like this. Only when the producers explained, that they wanted to do something different than to expand the films into a series, I was convinced.

Because the series is not a sequel but a prequel?
Yes, the story is set before his prison time. At a point of time, at which he has not yet accepted who he is. He is yet a man who needs friends, who desperately tries to be as normal as possible. We tell here much more the story of the fallen angel. No human comes evil into the world.

[spoiler]So you do not follow the footsteps of Anthony Hopkins (little picture), who played the role at the movie?
There are maybe 10.000 actors, who have been Hamlet. And three, who played Hannibal. The question is, do we never want to see a new Hamlet?

The critics have not been very polite. How much does that influence you?
Naturally, we all do not want this, but we hope that the critics will be as good as the attendance figure anytime. It was clear that they would compare us. Hopkins was perfect, what could be better?

How do you see your version?
He does not fall into the category of a typical psychopath, who had a terrible childhood. I see him as man, who feels extreme pleasure when others sense only horror. And that is the description of a fallen angel. He sees beauty in the face of death. And of course this is strange for us normal humans.

Do you understand the obsession of the audience with serial killers and psychopaths?
I think that depends on the mentality. I think Hopkins is permanently confronted with it because he made the character so legendary. For me the fascination is new. I slowly
begin to understand yet that abnormal characters, generally criminals, are of interest for the people. When I return home to Denmark, I am approached to very old rolls, which I did play in earlier Danish films. In America it is mostly James Bond. But also there I was the villain, so I understand the fascination with the dark side of the human character. We did invent God and five minutes later the devil. Probably we need the balance. We are searching for answers and of this necessity Freud and Jung made a gigantic career. We fear the blackest thoughts of our brain.

How do you deal with the act of killing on the screen?
I have killed a lot of people during my career and I like it a lot because it has absolutely nothing to do with reality. As it is filmed by itself. It is more harmless than a children’s game, extremely technical and precisely. In the first season Hannibal does not kill so much himself that happens in the second one yet. Then the rubber gloves drop.

How does Hannibal develop during the first season?
There is something going to explode yet, so much I can reveal. And we learn more about his relationships, be it with Jack Crawford, with his wife, Alana Bloom or with Will. He is taking this relationship very seriously. He is an honest man but also master of manipulation and pursue his targets. Where this does lead him, we all will see yet.

You are filming in Toronto. Do you like Canada?
Toronto reminds me a lot to Scandinavia. The town is like a mini-New York but the people behave Scandinavian. So I feel very at home.

Hoax question: Did your mindset for food change since “Hannibal”?
You get with me very good food, but it is my wife who is cooking it. I have learned a lot about cutting and filleting, can cut up a liver but Hannibal is surely a better chef than me. We have an excellent cook at the set, who is cooking vegetarian as well as with meat – not human meat! I always eat meat. [/spoiler]

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