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Thank you so much Elisabeth for translating the interview!

The word “cool” has been probably invented just for him. At least since he cried blood instead of tears as Bond-villain in “Casino Royale”, Mads Mikkelsen is Denmark’s most successful film export and is considered as “Sexiest man of the world”. However, the 47 year old would never exchange Copenhagen against Hollywood. To us he comes all classic – as one of the heroes of the German literature.

You make Kleist’s “Michael Kohlhaas” to a new character head, sunburnt, sexy and rebellious. What did attract you to Michael Kohlhaas?
His aspiration for justice – which I totally identified with. But I wouldn’t go as far as he did. He is still cherishing on his idea, when his whole world and his family threatens to break.

Which values are important for you?
My pride. I would never knock at anybody’s door or beg, even if I would love to get a role.

For this role, director Arnaud des Pallières wanted a guy like Clint Eastwood, only 30 years younger. Nice compliment!
Ok, this character has something stoic and stand as solid as a rock. Nevertheless I show more emotion as Clint Eastwood did in his western. So Arnaud did get only a half Eastwood.

But you had to be sun-tanned and firmly in the saddle …
Sure. The relationship with nature represents Kohlhaas’ life. The wind in the French Camargue has made our life difficult during the filming and I had to become accustomed to the horses. I was there six weeks before, not for learning how to ride, but to develop a sense for the animals. I even helped to give birth to a foal.

You like jeans, leather jacket, cigarettes, ride a motorcycle – are you more testosterone burdened than the Marlboro man?
Maybe – but then with a big dash of a father! Yes, I like a cold beer and sports. I am certainly not the romantic guy. Rather a though softie. Just my own mix.

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