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Cannes Award winning Danish actor on Canal +, in the role of a sexy and disturbing cannibalistic serial killer.

What is your main character trait?
I am very dedicated to everything I do. And I’m very stubborn.

The one you are least proud of?
I’m addicted to cigarettes.

That you hate in others?

What would you change about yourself if you could?
Nothing. My negatives I have built upon, as well as the positives, and they have taught me many things.

Your green gesture?
I do a lot of cycling. But not so much because it’s good for the planet, it’s convenient, and I love it.

What are your better successes in your life?
My two children. They are perfect.

Your hero?
Bruce Lee. For his elegance, his magnetism, his physical prowess. I did a lot of kung fu at a time to try to be like him.

Your drive?

The three basics of your wardrobe?
Jeans, a pair of trainers, a hoodie.

Your definition of elegance?
An old man that I saw on a beach in Portugal. It was scorching hot, but he was unfazed in his black suit, with his hat and cigar. He reminded me of a young Paul Newman.

Your definition of vulgarity?
Not listening to your opponents.

Your last extravagance?
Yesterday, I ate foie gras in a Parisian restaurant. I went with a red wine from South Africa. It always amuses me to see the reaction of a French waiter when I ask for the South African wine.

What you value most in your friends?
The simplicity and the quality of our relations. We can go months without calling, but when we meet, it is as if we had left off the day before.

The cast of an ideal dinner party?
A mix of people from all backgrounds, of all cultures.

Your bedside reading?
The script I’m working on. I always read a few pages before falling asleep and when I wake up.
Your trick against stress?
Stress is a pretty good incentive for me, I also tend to choose roles where I might find myself in a stressful situation. If the pressure gets too much, I drink a glass of wine.

What is for you the height of luxury?
Caviar: overpriced, while underneath, it has the same taste as salt water!

What kind of father are you?
Very good! I try to be both an adult who sets limits for life in society, and remain a child to play with them and be creative.

Your favorite word?
”Peninsula”. I love the musicality of the word and its prompting of the imagination.

Your favorite trip?
Iceland, where I spent two months filming. It was summer, the sun never sets. Without being mystical, I felt spirituality emanates from these volcanic landscapes.

A place that resembles you?
The working class suburb of Copenhagen where I grew up. And more specifically its derelict land, which no longer exists today.[/spoiler]

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