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Oct 06, 2013   1 Comment Movies, News, Projects

Susanna White, the director who made Parade’s End for BBC TV and HBO, has been signed to direct the film version of John le Carre’s novel Our Kind Of Traitor.

Le Carre’s son Simon Cornwell, one of the film’s producers, told me shooting will begin in the first half of next year.
‘We’re moving forward very aggressively,’ he said, adding that Hossein Amini is doing another draft of the script.
He also said that there was a ‘mutual attraction’ regarding Ewan McGregor appearing in the movie, as a former Oxford don who is hurled, with his girlfriend, into a British intelligence operation involving the defection of a Russian mafia boss.

At one point, Mads Mikkelsen was going to play that role but he’s no longer available.


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