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Thanks to the amazing Peggy here’s the translation from the interview Mads did for L’Officiel Hommes.

L´Officiel Hommes: The serial killer Hannibal Lecter you are playing in the series “Hannibal“, is currently one of the best-dressed men of television. How did it feel to wear the massive three-part suits?
Mads Mikkelsen: Usually I hardly notice the difference between my normal clothes and a costume. With “Hannibal” it was different. I came to the set with my adidas sneakers and normal street clothes and put on these solemn suits, gel my hair back and transform outwardly very strongly. Hannibal´s dress style is so far from my own, that has helped me get into the role. For me it´s as if
I´d make a historical movie or a western. Hannibal is someone, who doesn´t take anything for granted. Every day is special for him and he is celebrating it outwardly.

You have talked about the sophistication of Hannibal´s style in many interviews. Is it also a sign of power?
No, I don´t think so. In this respect he is an ordinary man. He loves everything that is distinguished. Whether it comes to clothing, food or music. And he hates everything banal. Why would he wear a cheap suit, if he can have the most exclusive one? Life is short and he wants to make the best of it.

Do you think, that clothing basically says something about the one wearing them?
Sure. Though I don´t pay too much attention to what I´m wearing in my private life. But of course the dress style says a lot about a person, about his social position for instance. In case of Hannibal I think, however, it´s not about status or the like. He wants to indicate nothing outwards. He wears his clothing, because it gives him joy. That’s different from many people. They express power or intelligence. Whatever, some succeed, but some don´t.

You had to take a great heritage and step into Anthony Hopkins´ shoes. In such cases are there any rivalries between actors? Did you want to challenge Anthony Hopkins with your Hannibal Lecter?
Well, there can be no rivalry. Hopkins has done that perfectly. He won an Oscar for “The Silence of the Lambs”. I can´t keep up with that. The good thing was, that in our case Hannibal is not in jail yet, but at large. He practises his job as a psychiatrist. He tries to find friends. There are other preconditions. Therefore I don´t compare myself.

Not only Hannibal, but also other roles you´ve been playing lately, have a dark, sometimes desperate site. What draws you towards these characters?
I don´t know which movies you have seen of me, but before Hannibal I have played a teacher in “The Hunt”, who is accused of pedophilia. The movie has won at Cannes. Then I have played a doctor in “A Royal Affair”, a period film- a figure of Enlightenment. So it depends in which movie you see me. I like different roles, not all of them are dark. But if I´m mostly attracted to dark characters, it is because a lot of drama lies in them.

How do you choose your roles? Are you looking for movies you yourself would like to see?
The story has to fascinate me. Most important to me is that the director and the author have something to say. If that´s so, then this may be a good reason for me to assume a role. If I don´t feel anything and don´t find the story interesting or I have seen the character that I´m supposed to play a thousand times before, then I reject it. But basically I follow my intuition.

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