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Sep 08, 2013   Leave a Comment Awards, Jagten

Director Thomas Vinterberg’s critically acclaimed film ‘Jagten’ is this year Danish cinema candidate in the Nordisk Råds Filmpris. The Danish film with lead actor Mads Mikkelsen who scored the Palme d’Or is in competition with four other new Nordic films from Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Each year the Nordisk Råds Filmpris present five awards: Film Prize, the Music Prize, Environmental prize, and the brand new Nordic Council’s Children and Youth Literature Prize.

Nordic Council Film Prize is given to the film that manages to show “high artistic quality, originality and manage to ennoble cinema elements in a compelling and integrated work”.

The winner of the 350,000 kroner, will be know on 30 October in Oslo, where the festivities will take place.


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