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Jun 21, 2013   Leave a Comment News, Projects, Valhalla Rising

When we last sat down to talk to Nicolas Winding Refn, he spoke about a project he was developing that would be set in Tokyo. He mentioned a fondness for the Yakuza, suggesting that this film would find him re-visiting a crime underworld similar to that in “Only God Forgives” and “Drive.” But no one could have guessed it would be… a sequel to “Valhalla Rising”?

We spoke to Refn on the eve of the North American premiere for “Only God Forgives” and he revealed that project was a re-teaming with “Valhalla Rising” star Mads Mikkelsen, saying they had, “talked about revisiting the [One-Eye] character from ‘Valhalla Rising’ again to kind of complete… because there’s a similarity between ‘Valhalla Rising,’ ‘Drive’ and ‘Only God Forgives.’ But in a way I had this idea of Mads Mikklesen to go back to the origins of this character. But make the movie in Tokyo.”

When asked how this could be a sequel, Refn cryptically said, “Tokyo is a world onto itself.” This didn’t seem to clear up exactly how One Eye could emerge from the early Viking era to modern day Tokyo, so when pressed, Refn teased that the film was, “About the future…”

While Refn begins work on the “Barbarella” television series, it’s possible this could be his next film after “I Walk With The Dead,” as he’s long spoken about his affinity for Tokyo. Whatever the case, it would be impossible for us to not get excited at the thought of “Valhalla Rising 2: Tokyo Drift.”


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