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Gillian Anderson talks about playing Hannibal’s psychiatrist and Mads.

Anderson joined the series last month as Dr. Bedelia du Maurier, Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s psychotherapist. She is making her return after having already appeared in three episodes.

She said that joining this series was not in the cards, at first. But she was then offered the role and had a couple of conversations with Fuller.

“There were a few considerations because I was not really interested in doing network television for a while, but the idea playing Hannibal’s psychiatrist is really cool,” Anderson said in a recent telephone interview with a group of journalists from the region.

“Ultimately, Bryan convinced me that it would be really fun to come and join with really good quality actors. That what made the decision.”

She said she did not need to prepare a lot for the role.

“It didn’t really call for it. I’ve been in therapy myself at various moments in my life, I’m familiar with the process,” she says.

“My character has been his psychiatrist for a long time and in retirement, but he’s her only remaining patient. The question was more about what kind of woman – professional woman – would Hannibal choose to be his psychiatrist, what would she look like, how would she speak, the dialogue, the rhythm of the dialogue.”

She had fun sharing a scene with Mikkelsen, a Danish actor who reached worldwide fame playing Le Chiffre in the James Bond film Casino Royale in 2006. Mikkelsen also won the Cannes Film Festival Best Actor Award for his 2012 film The Hunt.

“He’s incredible and really amazing to work with. He has so much emotion in his fingertip. Watching him really coming out with his character is a fascinating thing to do,” Anderson said.

“I’m pretty sure from now on people will see Hannibal the way it is painted by Mads, Anthony Hopkins’. Mads’ rendition is very contemporary, very detailed and very disturbing. He does it so well. When I think of Hannibal, I think of Mads’ more than Anthony Hopkins’.”

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