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My Culture Clock: Mads Mikkelsen Dishes On His Average Day

Source: Grazia
Date: October 02, 2014

5:30AM: When I’m working I have to get up early. In the car to the studio I tend to listen to talk radio. I prefer radio news to TV news because there is more time to discuss the issues of the day.

12PM: If I had a free afternoon in London I’d head to Covent Garden. I’m a big fan of street shows and would love to stand for a couple of hours and watch all the performers with a coffee in my hand.

1PM: I love Asian food, Thai, Chinese or sushi. I try to eat at the Mandarin Oriental when I get the chance, the food is fantastic.

5PM: If I’m ever in the UK with my family, I take them to see a West End Show. We all went to see The Lion King when it was on, which was great.

7PM: When I’m relaxing in front of the TV, it tends to be a documentary. I can watch and re-watch Blue Planet, it’s a stunning, beautiful programme to watch.

8PM: Often if I do go to the movies, it’s with my kids. The last film I saw was one of my own, The Salvation. I don’t watch my films more than once. You won’t find them in my DVD player!

10PM: I find reading the most relaxing thing before bed. I’m a big fan of crime novels, Michael Connelly is my favourite, he’s a brilliant writer. He has a fantastic character called Hieronymus Bosch.