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One Response to “Hideo Tube Ep. 6 : Denmark’s National Treasure Mads Mikkelsen”
March 6, 17 • 3:53 am

I read the comment about Doctor Strange sending to my email. But I don’t think alike as the writer about what his saying (he said the character is far from his favourite.). I wonder what his eyes are. Because I have just watched this movie. It is really wonderful performance I should say. The only thing I could think of the performance is: I can’t say a praise to make the actor to feel too high, because I also see from this character the potential hidden. This role is far more outstanding than any other roles and the only reason to watch the film. I personally Iike the acting in it very much. I think it is free from the restriction of the movie director and really shows the height of a quality level of a perfessional actor. A very good sense of movie art can be felt. I like both the performance and the personal ability of acting shown from the movie. The fluent and natural performance makes this role nice to watch. And of course the appearance of the actor helps the movie a lot by moulding the beautiful shape of the charactor even with a lot of useless colourful stuff around his eyes.

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