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Sep 08, 2015   Leave a Comment Article, Movies, Rogue One

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story cast member Mads Mikkelsen prompts speculation about his character’s name.

When a fan got Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Mads Mikkelsen to sign a poster this past weekend at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, neither he nor the Hannibal star probably imagined the mini-storm of online speculation they started.

That’s because when Mikkelsen signed his name, he added another name under it: “Galen.” Since another actor who autographed the poster, Phil LaMarr, wrote his The Clone Wars character name under his own (Kit Fisto), fans have deduced that Mikkelsen did the same thing.

So who is Galen? According to Slashfilm, Galen Marek is the main character in the Star Wars video game The Force Unleashed. He eventually becomes a secret, immensely powerful apprentice to Darth Vader and is known by the name Starkiller.

So has Galen Marek made the jump from a video game to the big screen? Unlikely. If anything, the writers of Rogue One are simply giving a nod in the direction of a video game character that has become popular with fans. But it is an interesting little tidbit of information for those of us who subsist on Star Wars nuggets on a daily basis.


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