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Aug 21, 2015   Leave a Comment News, Rogue One

Mads Mikkelsen won’t get a lightsaber, but he will be on the good side of the force in the upcoming Star Wars movies

“I texted with Mads Mikkelsen, because I simply needed to know if he was getting a lightsaber. It would be pretty cool. He joked around with it and said that with his advancing age in mind he would probably rather get a light walking stick.”
“I’ve got a little insider knowledge, and there is some evidence that he did not get a lightsaber. Personally I am sorry, as I had hoped that he would be a Jedi Knight. But he will however have to play a role where he is on the side of good. He is, unfortunately, not a new Yoda-it would have been fun with Mads Mikkelsen as Yoda,” says Christian Monggaard.


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