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Jul 04, 2015   Leave a Comment Hannibal, Interview, Television

Are you sad about the end of Hannibal?
Yes and no. Bryan Fuller is very radical, which I love. “Can we really do that on TV?” I thought. Somehow we were allowed. (Chuckles) The end was not a surprise, the numbers were low. The big surprise was that NBC was brave enough to give us three years. I am grateful for that, and if we are not taken by someone else, it was good.

Fans are using the Twitter hashtag #SaveHannibal so that it continues.
I’ve heard of it. But since I am a child of the last century, I am neither on Facebook nor Twitter.

Does that mean you don’t have a problem letting go of it? “That was great, thank you, next project?”
This is the nature of my profession. We do not normally take a particularly long time. Three seasons of Hannibal is the longest it’s been. Movies mean a few months of preparation, a few weeks of shooting, and then we say “goodbye.” This approach has something beautiful and fresh, because we all have to be awake always to always be ready. I like this process. On the other hand, I like it too to see old friends – as it was with Men & Chicken.


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