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Jun 04, 2015   Leave a Comment Hannibal, Interview, Television

Given the bloodbath that laid four characters’ lives to varying degrees of waste in the Season 2 closer of NBC’s psychological thriller “Hannibal,” it might seem fitting to open Season 3 with, well, dinner.

And while that’s not exactly the case with the third season premiere on Thursday (June 4), there are sumptuous shots of red wine, steak tartare and blood-red drippings in its first five minutes. And with the first three episodes titled “Antipasto,” “Primavera” and “Secondo,” Lecter fans should know they’ll be dining Italian this season. Buono.

As Season 3 opens, the psychopathic psychiatrist (Mads Mikkelsen) is on the run in Italy sporting a new identity but servicing the same cannibalistic appetites. He’s accompanied by his psychiatrist Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson) and being tailed by two of his victims from the Season 2 finale, FBI agents Jack Crawford and Will Graham (Laurence Fishburne, Hugh Dancy).

“I’m sure we can’t dance around the bush too long,” Mikkelsen tells Zap2it of his character’s ongoing bromance with Dancy’s. “Eventually we will have to meet but the circumstances, the question is always, who is going to decide the circumstances? And knowing Hannibal, he’s always a couple of steps ahead. I would be surprised if he’s not the one wearing the pants there.

“But obviously if he wanted to kill Will Graham,” the 49-year-old Danish actor continues, “he would have done it. He can’t let go of the idea that there might be a future. I mean, the future that he planned is gone, cannot happen. Him, Will and Abigail (Kacey Rohl) is not happening. But there might be something else out there so he’s willing to give it another chance.”

Meanwhile, Hannibal is enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the picturesque Tuscan city of Florence with Du Maurier, whom he introduces to others as his wife, though Mikkelsen indicates it’s not that kind of relationship.

“I guess that when Hannibal is enjoying himself,” he says, “he does really like to share it with someone. And in this case it’s Bedelia, someone he likes tremendously. He’s not obsessed with Bedelia the way he is with Will Graham but he likes to share his experience in Europe and he knows something about Bedelia and she knows something about Hannibal, and that makes it so much more interesting for Hannibal to have her around.”

And as for Florence, Mikkelsen says it is every bit as beautiful as it appears on screen.

“I think it was fantastic for all of us,” he says. “We loved Toronto [the series’ home base]; it’s a fantastic city but it’s also very, very cold. So that’s where we’ve been spending three years, and all of a sudden we’re in this fantastic place that was beautiful, it was springtime and lovely food. And it was almost like going away to summer camp with the school. And all the characters went out and ate every night. We didn’t go home and it was fantastic.”


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