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May 27, 2015   1 Comment Hannibal, Interview, Television


FANGORIA: What’s the most exciting aspect of returning to HANNIBAL for season three?
MADS MIKKELSEN: The excitement for any TV show coming back to something is always that we do not exactly know what it is. There’s always been a tendency to stir things up in the third season of a TV show; to try to create something new based on what we have. The first two seasons are always going hand in hand. Everybody knows that the third one is probably going to be slightly different. It has been the case on this one. Its exciting to see your friends and your colleagues and then just see what Bryan Fuller has stirred up, which is complete madness this time.

FANGORIA: What exactly was different this time?
MIKKELSEN: We have not had a lot of intimate conversations; it’s been a little more outgoing. Maybe a little more liberated. There are some crazy characters, and some crazy things are happening, so that’s been a change.

FANGORIA: Can you tell us something about Hannibal’s relationship to Will, because it seems to be different than in previous seasons?
MIKKELSEN: Will is always a tricky thing, because in many ways that was the ultimate ending of our relationship in the second season. To try to figure out how can they go on from there has been a challenge of course, but in Will’s world, it’s double sided, right?

FANGORIA: We’ve never seen Hannibal in a leather jacket on a motorcycle before on the series. How has he changed as a character in season three?
MIKKELSEN: Yeah, Hannibal. It’s a little tricky. I mean, we are luring you guys into believing that is the whole third season. It’s a little part of his life where he’s wearing that. He’s pretty good at being undercover in the sense of taking other people’s identities and that is somebody else’s identity he’s wearing at that point.

It was fun to do, definitely. People who were on the show for the first time and was only for that scene had no idea what was going on, because I was basically not the Hannibal they knew, right? So it was fun.

FANGORIA: As an actor is that fun to portray different sides of this Hannibal character?
MIKKELSEN: It’s always fun when we play multifaceted characters and I think he is one of the most multifaceted characters I’ve ever done because it is very, very hard to predict when he’s honest and dishonest while he’s doing the various things he is doing. So he is one of the most fun characters to give life to.

FANGORIA: What’s your favorite thing about playing Hannibal?
MIKKELSEN: Many things. I mean, as I just mentioned, the character himself is very hard to predict, which is fun for an actor as well as my wonderful colleagues, who I’ve worked with for over three years now. Bryan Fuller constantly surprises us with ideas that makes us happy, and I’m grateful that he is a writer and not roaming the streets with his crazy ideas. He’s the engine and the gasoline on the show.

FANGORIA: Three years ago, was it hard to take this role?
MIKKELSEN: Yeah, absolutely. It’s not a secret that you are walking in some giant shoes since a couple of people have done it to perfection. We also knew that we were doing something quite different. We also knew that we would get hell on earth for it from some and other people would embrace it. But, I think we have proven that we have our own right to be doing what we are doing. It took a little while for some of the critics, but quite a few of them have surrendered, and that makes us really proud.

FANGORIA: Is there something about Hannibal that you would love to have in real life, as in his behavior or skills?
MIKKELSEN: Well the ability to embrace life as he does is quite fascinating, and unfortunately, embrace death as well.

FANGORIA: Do you ever read the script and feel like anything is too much?
MIKKELSEN: No. I never feel like it’s too much in the sense of like crossing a border where we offend people. That does not exist in my world. I mean, the more we can cross [that border], the better the show is. It can be wrong. Certain things can be like, “I don’t think that feels right for the show, or feels right for that specific situation,” but never too much. No.

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Anita Calderoni
May 28, 15 • 5:51 pm

This interview was the best. Learned some new insight about H. Can’t wait for S3. It’s going to be the best yet!!

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