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Feb 27, 2015   1 Comment Awards

Mads Mikkelsen is nominated for a Zulu Awards for Actor of the Year. He’s up against Danica Curcic, Trine Dyrholm, Jakob Oftebro and Bebiane Ivalo Kreutzmann. You can vote for Mads here. To validate your vote you must enter your name (navn) and email and then click on “indsend din stemme”.
The Zulu Awards 2015 will be held on Thursday, March 26.

February 27 Update: The Zulu site revealed the last nominations and you can now vote for Mænd og høns for Movie of the Year!

One Response to “Vote Mads Mikkelsen at the Zulu Awards!”
February 26, 15 • 12:36 am

Mads is so inspiring, he works hard for is performances, he is able to transforms somerhing very basic, in somerhing complexe, its a real suspense and surprise , in each new movie, be cause he is, allways better and better, this Actor, stil a énigma, and its, just the beginning!

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