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Feb 09, 2015   Leave a Comment Article, Mænd og høns, Movies

Men & Chicken provide this year’s biggest opening weekend with 91,326 tickets sold. The weekend might even end with 105,298 tickets.

It’s Anders Thomas Jensen best opening weekend ever, surpassing his three previous works, The Flickering lights (31,387 tickets), The Green Butchers (39,052 tickets) and Adam’s Apples (53,716 tickets).

The record-breaking opening show that the combination of some of the biggest Danish film actors (Mads Mikkelsen, David Dencik, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Nicolas Bro and Søren Malling) with a number of great reviews in newspapers equals success at the box office.

The film is distributed by Buena Vista International, and executive Mads Nedergaard is obviously delighted with the result:

– It’s a great opening that exceeded our wildest hopes. 91,326 tickets makes it one of the largest premiere weekends in Denmark!

– Anders Thomas Jensen has once again managed to make a film that Danes take to heart, and show that 10-year absence from the director’s chair has only made him stronger than ever.


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