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I have added screen captures from the Euroman Interview and the Euroman BTS Video! You can also check below the translated interview from the video made by kizzekat.

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Screen Captures > [2015] Euroman Interview
Screen Captures > [2015] Euroman BTS

I: How is your relationship to your family?
M: I think it’s a good relationship, I still have my dad and mom, I have my big brother and I think it’s a good relationship I have. Much better than the one they have in the movie.

I: What does family mean to you?
M: You take it for granted when you’re a kid that you have a family and that’s that. But suddenly you’re much more aware of how important it really is when you have children yourself; that it is the most trivial answer like it is with everything and you took that for granted when you were younger, but that is different when you have kids yourself.

I: Many say that the core family is breaking up.
M: I don’t know if it’s breaking up, but we’ve talked about that since the sixties, that the core family was breaking up. I’m very relaxed about that, if a relationship doesn’t last, then you’ll have to split the family and do it in a proper way so you get some bonus parents, bonus sibling if it’s done properly. Or then it’s of course a bummer.

I: The characters in the movie have their own oddities. But have we generally narrowed normality concept?
M: No, I think it lies in the word that when something is normal it’s normal. That means it’s inside the norm, and these men are definitely outside the norm. There is something that is called normal and there is something that is general. If you can accept when something is outside the norm is the question. That’s was the movie lay up to.

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