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Jan 10, 2015   5 Comments Mænd og høns, Movies, Video

LevelK just released the trailer of Men And Chicken with English Subtitles. Check it out below!

5 Responses to “Men and Chicken Trailer with English Subtitles”
Anita Calderoni
January 10, 15 • 7:04 pm

At first, I wasn’t too sure about this movie until I watched the preview. Funny! It will be hard to see Mads in such a different role, but looking forward to seeing the movie.

January 11, 15 • 3:32 pm

I think Mads deserves better roles !The trailer looks absolutely ridiculous and not hilarious at all.

January 11, 15 • 7:53 pm

It looks a bit like Flickering Lights or Adam’s Apples, which were a lot of fun. If you only know Mads Mikkelsen from his American work, though, it might come as a bit of a shock 😀

January 12, 15 • 6:40 pm

I only know Mads’ brillant work from his European films such as the Hunt, Michael Kohlhaas, A Royal Affair, Prague,Coco and Igor, Vidspor, Open Hearts, After the Wedding and… Adam’s Apples, which I found “slightly” hilarious.

February 17, 16 • 9:10 pm

I saw this movie and laughed SO hard. There is no doubt it will offend some people but Mads as always, is brilliant in it as are other actors. Its a movie about what really makes us human! Its brilliant ..truly is!!

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