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Nov 11, 2014   1 Comment Article, Blinkende lygter, Movies – According to the Danish moviegoers, Anders Thomas Jensen’s Flickering Lights (2000) is the best Danish film in history!

The results fell into place after a 10-week vote, five rounds of voting with 19,600 participants and 280,000 allocated votes for 175 movies.

Flickering Lights is the winner with 40% of the finale votes and outperform the two Thomas Vinterberg films, Festen (1998) and The Hunt (2012), Susanne Bier’s Den eneste ene (1999) and Nikolaj Arcel’s period drama A Royal Affair (2012).

Editor in Chief, Sondergaard explains:
– Initially Flickering Lights sounds perhaps as a surprise winner, but after reflection it is obvious. In terms of genre it hits home for crime, comedy and drama crowd. This is primarily due to characters that are more complex than you think, and they were even played by several actors who are now international stars.

– And then there’s the script. In the wake of Pulp Fiction (1994) numerous Danish and foreign films tried to mix voltage dramas with a realistic and humorous dialogue – especially among criminals. With I Kina spiser de hunde (1999), Anders Thomas Jensen succeeds with parts of the style, but it was only with The Flickering Lights that he created a version that balanced perfectly between Tarantino and something unmistakably Danish.

– Anders Thomas Jensen reinvented the Danish comedy, and the film’s importance for Danish film and the involved forces can hardly be underestimated.

One Response to “'Flickering Lights' is Denmark's Best Film”
November 12, 14 • 7:19 am

Well I do love it (and I hope those poor cows do too) but for me it’s Adams Apples at numero uno closely followed by The Green Butchers if we’re talking ATJ and his work with MM, all of which is delightfully bizarre and totally non PC (thank you very much).

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