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Sep 16, 2014   2 Comments Article

qscore Here’s how the Q Scores marketing company arrives at its results for its clients, which include television networks, among others: President Henry Schafer and his team provide a celebrity’s name and a brief description to more than 1,800 study participants. The viewers are asked if they recognize the person and how they feel about him or her.

The outcome of that study is a Recognition score, a Positive Q Score — meaning the individual in question is the respondent’s favorites — and a Negative Q Score, which is the exact opposite of what one hopes to be associated with.

The complete list at the bottom of this report is ranked by a candidate’s Positive Q Score.

“TV personality Q Score metrics provide unique insight into the momentum that primetime casts bring to the opening of the fall television season,” Schafer told TheWrap.

“For returning shows, personality-driven appeal is extremely important for determining how strong or polarizing the cast is for maintaining viewer commitment,” he added. “For new shows, the strength of the personality driven-factor is very important for enticing viewer sampling prior to exposure to the quality of the storylines.”

The men in this ranking averaged a 24 recognition number and an 19 Positive Q Score. Across all actors the company has compiled, the average familiarity number is a much higher 44, but the same 19 Q Score.

In this study, CBS pulled nine slots in the Top 21 (there was a tie taking us beyond 20), NBC had four. ABC scored three, as did the CW. Fox had just two.

Check out the full list at the source. Hannibal’s Laurence Fishburne and Hugh Dancy are also listed.

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