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Mads Mikkelsen is featured in the new issue of Flaunt with a new photoshoot from last March!

“I remember the first time I heard the word ‘motherfucker,’” I tell Mads Mikkelsen over a late lunch of chicken tacos and Pacificos at a little Mexican joint in Silver Lake. “I thought it was brilliant.”

“It is brilliant,” he says.

This is the nature of our conversation.

We’d met a couple hours before, at Mack Sennett Studios down the street. There was something very natural about the 48-year-old Danish actor, even as he stood posing before the cameras, flanked by smoke machines. I paced in the shadows, behind the assistants (one of whom explaining to another that she had to piss so badly on the commute that she pulled over and squatted right there, “in the goddamn bicycle lane”) and stylists and the monitors applying backgrounds and filters and effects. I watched Mikkelsen walk back and forth, patiently directed, cracking the occasional joke. He’s handsome and regal, I thought, even though, back in 2011, while friend and fellow actor Stellan Skarsgård was accepting the award for European Achievement in World Cinema on Mikkelsen’s behalf, he playfully remarked, “I don’t admire you for your looks, because you’re not good-looking. You have an ‘interesting face.’” But this interesting face sports the kind of physical aerodynamics made for currency, royalty, the pages of history books.

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